My name is Matthew Sachs and I am an inventor.   In 2001 I had an idea for an innovative balancing game for kids, the Bootyboard.   After five years of feedback and redesigning it, I spent a summer in California to test it out.   It was a huge success - kids loved it!   Now that I have shown how popular my new game can be, I am auctioning off all of the rights to my invention so that I can move on to other creative endeavors .


The winning bidder will receive:

  • All legal rights to U.S Patent No. 7,081,075, Recreational Balancing Apparatus
  • All legal rights to the U.S. corporation Bootyboard Ltd. and the Canadian corporation Bootyboard Inc.
  • One fully equipped Bootyboard* including:
    • The balancing mechanism
    • The surrounding air mattress
    • One blower for the air mattress
  • All necessary technical drawings (professionally prepared)
  • Ownership of the brand name and logo
  • This website ( )
  • Use of the clothing line T-shirt art (2 designs)
  • Contact list of companies that have expressed interest in buying a Bootyboard (over 100 contacts!)
  • 3 months of telephone access to the inventor for strategic discussions (max. 10 hrs/month)

* Shipping cost not included in the bid amount.