What an adventure! It took 8 weeks, and put 10,000 miles on the Bootyboard Express, but we made it! From Toronto, West to Vancouver, South to Los Angeles and back again, the 2006 Bootyboard Summer Tour was a complete success. Over a thousand kids got a chance to experience the Bootyboard for the first time! Congratulations to the Booty Showdown Champions along the way and all the other great riders who amazed us with their moves and enthusiasm on the Bootyboard.

Re-live the fun of this great experience through the Booty Journal, with descriptions and video clips from all the events we had along the way. Who do you think had the best moves and the best falls? Watch all the videos and decide for yourself...then get yourself ready, because you never know when the Bootyboard Express will pass through your town!

July 16, 2006: Banff Sk8 Park
4 days in the van and we've finally made it to our first West Coast stop at the Banff skateboard park, one of the biggest outdoor parks in Alberta. Big thanks to Cody for helping to pull this all together! The Banff kids showed up ready to Booty and impressed with some hot moves right from the start. About 20 riders competed in the Booty Showdown but in the end Keegan ended up winning everything with an impressive final ride that included a Shove-It 180 and a solid Shoot The Moon! Laura and Emily also pulled off some wicked rides that brought them into the final three. Right on Girls!
July 27, 2006: U.S. Open of Surfing: Day One
We've been attacked by monster banana slugs in the Redwood Forest, and we've slept on a boat in the San Francisco Bay Harbor, but now we're finally settled into our space in Huntington Beach California for the U.S. Open of Surfing. Today was a wild day with hundreds of first-timers giving us non-stop action at the Booty booth. We had the beach, bikinis and the Bootyboard...a powerful combination.   I'd like to congratulate the Booty Showdown winners, Keira, Kali, and Garret. There were a lot of great riders out there today, but here's a special Booty shout-out to Jasper, Daniel, David and Jarred, Shaid and Katie. Thanks for keeping us so busy we couldn't even find time to EAT!

Aug. 1, 2006: U.S. Open of Surfing: Day 2-4
360 Pop Shove-Its, Kick-Offs, Big Spins, Shoot the Moons and One-Legged Donkeys...with over 1000 riders we've seen it all in the last few days here in Huntington Beach. Congratulations to all the Booty Showdown winners, Cameron, Jennifer, Timmy, Hunter, and Kevin (you deserved it man!). Check out all the great moves from the U.S. Open of Surfing right HERE.

Aug. 3, 2006: Fontana Skatepark
Last night we did some crazy Bootying with the kids in the Fontana Skatepark just east of L.A. The response to the Bootyboard was fantastic with over 50 kids lining up to ride. But at the end of the evening there were only 2 Booty Showdown winners- congratulations Brandy, and Philip! Special thanks to Tara for helping to organize the whole thing. We've got some video of this evening you can check out right HERE.

Aug. 5, 2006: Glendale Skatepark
Glendale is a suburb just North of Los Angeles with one of the sweetest municipal skateparks that I’ve ever seen. We set up early Saturday morning during the 14 and under skate, and although there weren’t too many kids there, that just meant that the riders that were there got to stay on the Bootyboard for even longer. Some of the best tricks included Julian’s wild Shoot the Moon, and Jed’s crazy handstand, but it was Brendan who pulled out the Big Jump and some clean 180s to snatch the Booty Showdown Championship. Check out these great moves and more on the VIDEO.
Aug. 5, 2006: Skatelab
We actually managed to squeeze in two events today by hustling crosstown to the Skatelab skatepark in Simi Valley. The Skatelab kids were all over the Bootyboard and pulled out some impressive tricks. On this video you can watch Justin pulling out a nice 180, Hannah Hanging 5, Sergio kicks out the headstand, but Evan tops them all to win the showdown with a great Shove-It 540 attempt and a flip dismount. Watch all the great moves and falls HERE.
Aug. 6, 2006: Woodward West
Woodward was an ideal spot to showcase the Bootyboard because it’s a summer camp that specializes both in extreme sports as well as gymnastics. There was some great competition as the gymnasts showed the skaters some new, creative ways to ride the Bootyboard. First off, I’ve got be give a big shout-out to Troy who was there all day and not only pulled a handstand, but was also the first to land a Kick-Off. In the video you can also see Kelsey pulling a Shove-It 180, Wesley Riding the Bull, and Tanner with a Shoot the Moon. Also, if you want a laugh you can watch Richie inventing his own signature move, The Ballerina! In the end it was Ben who won the Booty Showdown with his powerful Shove-It 360. Check out all the action HERE.

Aug. 7, 2006: Malibu Skateboard Camp
Malibu may be famous for its movie stars and celebrities, but did you know that it also has a great little skate park just past the Santa Monica Pier? We had a blast setting up the Bootyboard in the Malibu Skateboard Camp because the kids were so into it, they would have stayed on it all night if we would have let them. On this video you can check out all the great moves by Rocky, Reuven, Lucas, Guy, Alex and more. Congratulations to Glen, the Malibu Booty Showdown winner! Check out the video HERE.

Aug. 8, 2006: PointX Extreme Adventure Camp
The PointX Adventure Camp was the last scheduled stop on the Bootyboard tour. After a long drive through the desert to get there, we were amazed at the enthusiasm and excitement the campers brought to the Bootyboard. It was thrilling to see just how much energy these kids brought to the Bootyboard. Check out the video for yourself to see the great moves by Devon, Forrest, Marcus, Mike, Jack and Kyle among others. We’ve got Pop Shove-Its, wild spins, Shoot the Moons and Roastbeefs, crazy jumps and some even crazier falls. Be a part of all the excitement right HERE.